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WAREHOUSE SPACE Over 160,000 sq.ft. of Local Warehouse Space

Large Storage
Safe and Secure Storage

Large Storage Space

Extra space can be hard to find, especially if your business is planning for an expansion facility upgrades, or requires a large supply of on-hand inventory.

A1 Bestway offers over 160,000 sq.ft. of local warehouse space for Augusta area businesses and their specialized logistics needs. Our facility is secure and products and inventory are managed with our barcode tracking systems. Here are just a few of the ways local logistics customers are partnering with A1 Bestway.

full service flexibility

Why Trust A1 Bestway as your storage service provider?


FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment) storage is perfect for local businesses and organizations planning for the opening of a new location or expansion or upgrade of their existing space. Have your large pieces shipped to A1 Bestway for storage until you are ready for delivery and setup and we will handle the rest. We will receive your shipments, store them, transport them to your location and delivery day and help with setup.


Hotels, restaurants and other hospitality businesses often have large and bulky items that they might use seasonally, or for special events. Finding storage for things like tables, chairs, tents, lounge furniture and display pieces can be a tall task. Our facility is equipped to handle bulky items with ease and we can even work with you to handle de-installation, transportation, and re-installation, as needed.


Many local businesses who choose A1 Bestway for their office move often take advantage of our logistics storage services to have furniture and fixtures for their new facility delivered and stored until moving day. If you are planning to update or relocate your office, contact one of our sales reps to see how we can help you manage the process.


Many retail establishments develop intricate seasonal displays, take the guesswork and hassle out of storage and setup and contact A1 Bestway to learn more about how we can help you manage these seasonal items better.